About Us

We are a group of professional traders who enjoy taking calculating risk. We love anything that can help us to create passive and residual income. We put together money, information, financial education, financial resources, ideas and technology to help our members grow financially, build wealth and eventually have more time for Good, themselves and their family.

We love to work for ourselves since we realize this is surely the first step to financial freedom. WE trade for ourselves and we trade for others. We also educate others on how to trade and how to make serious money.

Our Carrier in trading started in 2006 with Forex, CFD, Stocks, Binary and more. We have found out that Bitcoin could be one of the world greatest opportunities that a trader could have come across. If you know what you are doing, any serious trader with discipline, money management and a good strategy can definitely make a financial way out. We will enjoy posting our results and show it live to you so you can be sure that we are like those who are here to scam to you or make you believe that you can get rich quick.

Feel free to contact us at any time. However, we are not dealing with chicken, undisciplined people or people who are negative, pessimist or who has no financial dream.




Contact us:

Lejeune Bauvil

Skype: bauvil2003

Cell phone : 407-929-8006

E-mail: bauvilbitcoin@gmail.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/joinwbateam



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